A confession

So this week has been interesting. We’ve been rather busy, and I’ve been a poor planner.

On Monday, my nephew played in the state championship little league tournament. I wasn’t prepared for the six o’clock start time and neither was dinner. I ended up throwing a salad together to take with me, but the hubs bought dinner at the concession stand. Yes it was only $5, yes it supports local little league, but it still was money spent.

Tuesday, my 2:15 doctor’s appointment turned into a 4:30, which put B and I sitting in cross town traffic at rush hour :(. Had I been thinking ahead, I would have thrown one of those many delicious recipes from my “crockpot” Pinterest board in that morning, but I wasn’t, so I didn’t. The hubs drove through Chick-fil-a and grabbed some grilled chicken nuggets to throw on top of the rest of the salad stuff I had at home. Again, more money spent.

I did manage to redeem myself last night though. I baked some chicken and topped it with a spinach bruschetta. Yum! While that was baking, I went ahead and made burger patties for tonight. The babe has a doctor’s appointment and there are shots involved (poor buddy) which might translate into a very unhappy little guy this evening, so I wanted to be prepared.

Look for more tips tomorrow! I found a great article (which I obviously need to read again) about how to plan ahead and be prepared for the unexpected.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

One thought on “A confession

  1. Nachos = $5, Coca cola=$2, Seeing Ranger’s face when he realized that his cousin had rolled in to watch him play=PRICELESS. Plus I loved the furnace-like snugs that evening as well — with no grandmothers to take him away from me. Ha! :) Love you and and your crazy schedule!! I completely feel your pain! Hang in there on the parenting wild ride. XOXO

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