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Who knew that I was being trendy when I decided to spend more time around my own dinner table? According to this article from USA Today, the younger generation is eating out less. They blame the economy, but I have to wonder, is our generation returning to a simpler time? Are our values shifting? We’re more aware of what we are eating and have started a movement against the GMO and processed crap out there in the world. We’re making baby food and vowing to change the way we eat. What do you think?

My progress:

Well last week was a major success! We ate at home every night but Saturday. I’ve grocery shopped for the week, although I admit that I don’t think I planned quite like I did last week. Hopefully this week will be equally as successful. I promised a few friends I’d share my recipes from the week. Links are included!

Spinach and Artichoke Pasta (I added chicken.)

Philly Cheesesteak Peppers

Chicken Lo Mein (This stuff was amazing!! We ate it two nights this week.)

Balsalmic Glazed Pork Loin

I hope everyone has an amazing week!!!

One thought on “Now trending

  1. Love your website and love your trending!

    We have friends with five children who made Saturday night their date night. The kids went to bed early. She cooked an amazing meal for two, candle lights included. Use your imagination what happened after the meal. I suspect some things you couldn’t do in a restaurant!

    Love you, Amanda,
    Aunt Elaine

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