So if you’re gonna do it

So, if you’re going to eat out, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or even less, it’s always nice to get the most bang for your buck. I found this article on eight ways to spend less while eating out. It makes sense. We always get those Clipper magazines in the mail, but I very rarely take the time to flip through to see if there is a coupon inside we might actually use. Time to start!

Happy Monday everyone!

Progress Update
I went to the grocery store yesterday, list in hand and managed to walk out only spending about $70 for the week. I guarantee that wouldn’t last more than two dinners out after tax and tip, so I’m counting it as a definite win!

2 thoughts on “So if you’re gonna do it

  1. I’ve definitely enjoyed using Groupon and other coupon type sites to get deals on meals out. If you are eating out about once per week, and the restaurant sounds like one you’d like to try, why not? (The key is to only buy the ones you KNOW you will use and then use them right away.)

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